The RNS Coaltongue launched on its maiden voyage, with King Aodhan and many other dignitaries on board. In preparation, the constables searched the crowd for threats. They arrested several, named Coulton, Mercliffe, Iscalio, and Dafton. Dafton had assaulted several bystanders and resisted arrest. The other three had planned to be a nuisance, but never had a chance.

Docker leader Thames Grimsley was too late to the party, but the constables admitted him anyway.

The constables boarded the Coaltongue to provide security, after being briefed by Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft and Principal Minister Harkover Lee. They foiled a plot by Duchess Ethelyn of Shale and her handmaiden, Sokana Rell to sabotage the Coaltongue, killing all on board. Sokana Rell was apprehended. Duchess Ethelyn appears to have escaped, whereabouts unknown, after apparently teleporting away. All other known accomplices are dead. Fey involvement is suspected.

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